Alan, who lives in Altrincham, phoned Pickard & Co for personal tax help. He was not sure if an accountant was relevant for him. After a brief telephone discussion Alan was put at ease and a meeting was arranged later that week.

The meeting was held at Alan’s home in Altrincham. Alan felt that his income and investments may not warrant the appointment of an accountant. We went through Alan’s and his wife’s income and savings. It was clear Alan should have been submitting a Self Assessment Tax Return (SATR) for some years. Also, there was a clear lack of tax planning by not using his wife’s tax free and lower rate tax bands. Particular attention had to be given to Inheritance planning and the requirement for updated Wills.

After our appointment Alan visited our office in Sale. A local solicitor in Altrincham was recommended to help draft new Wills. We worked on the SATRs that had to be done as well as reorganising Alan’s investments in a more tax efficient manner. Alan was impressed that our fee was significantly less than the tax saving he would make in the first year. Alan was embarrassed that he had felt he would not be of interest to an accountant – he now knows otherwise. This is a classic case where a brief chat on the telephone can clarify matters for prospective clients. We do not charge for phone calls; talk to us and let us guide you as to whether we can be of help or not.