Richard, who lives in Stretford but works in Altrincham, has been trading for many years. Until HMRC opened an enquiry into his personal and business tax affairs he was happy with his existing accountant. The worry and concern over the Tax Enquiry caused problems. He sought the opinions of fellow colleagues and decided to approach Pickard & Co.

At the free introductory meeting at our office in Sale, Manchester, we carefully listened to the problems and concerns of Richard. On the personal side it involved a foreign bank account and undeclared investment income. The enquiry into Richard’s business affairs included staff P11D benefits, use of company vehicles, travel expenses, employment of relatives and personal expenses being processed through the business.

Had Richard already been a client of Pickard & Co he could have opted to pay a small additional fee and taken the “tax investigation service”. The service would have covered all the cost of such an Enquiry.

Richard decided following the friendly free introductory meeting to appoint Pickard & Co. because of their experience in the area of tax investigations.

The process of changing accountants was a lot simpler than Richard had expected. At our next meeting we reviewed all the tax issues. It was important for Richard that the enquiry was closed as soon as possible. We required a lot of additional information from Richard which enabled us to approach HMRC with an estimate of the additional tax that was due. Following negotiations, we were able to agree an offer from HMRC with limited penalties and interest. Richard was delighted how we fought to protect his interests and how we “held his hand” throughout the Tax enquiry.